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About Me

Counsellor - El
Counsellor - El

Hello! I’m El

Licensed Therapist

I’m El and I offer a welcoming space for you to explore whatever is happening in your life and support you to face difficult circumstances, feelings and relationships, finding new perspectives and resources.

I use Process work, a creative approach to therapy and facilitation, to help clients work things through in a professional and confidential space.

Process work was originally developed by Arnold Mindell in the 1970s, drawing on his background in Jungian psychology, physics and systems theory, it has been evolving ever since.

At its heart is the idea that we are dreaming all the time: within ourselves, our interactions with others and the world. And that we can bring awareness to this dreaming, leading to learning and change. In particular, paying attention to disturbances can hold the key to discovering new ways of being in the world.

I am an advanced Process work UK student and a trainee psychotherapist registered with UKCP. I work with individuals and couples and am actively working to make sure my practice is inclusive of our differences including race, age, religion, sexuality and gender.

Feel free to book a session with me or contact me via eldavis.co.uk

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Three warm, light, comfortable rooms designed with talking therapies in mind

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It is paramount to us that we keep you and your clients safe during the pandemic.

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